Posted on: January 15, 2009 10:22 pm


We're all hearing the 'experts' espouse they're limitless knowledge regarding why the current bowl system cannot changed in anyway. The number one argument in favor of continuing this prehistoric system is nostalgia. That's right. The crowd that likes to say this is how it's always been and we like it that way is the only defensible group. Hey, I get these guys...I don't like change either, but this bowl system is downright dumb! Furthermore, any other view point defending the current system for determining the Division I college football champion is seriously flawed.

I've heard AD's and coaches try to sell the 'every game matters' to the viewing public and that claim is bogus. Those guys must pay attention to, well, nothing else in the world of sports in order to profess that attitude. Every game matters in EVERY sport. Don't believe me? Ask the NFL's preseason anointed Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys. Their week 7 loss to the abysmal St. Louis Rams, and their finale against divisional rival Philly cost them a playoff spot. Dallas needed but one more W to secure a spot in the playoffs. Ask the New York Mets who finished three games behind division winner Philly (again with Philly!) and ONE game behind Milwaukee for the N.L. wildcard. The 'every game matters' argument is a crock!

I've heard financial arguments that would make sense if they were at all accurate. No offense to those involved, but who among us really wants to see Louisiana Tech vs Northern Illinois in the Independence bowl or Rice vs Western Michigan in the Texas (?) bowl. Do we really need 34 bowl games? Should we change the format of MLB playoffs in order to have 28 teams in the playoffs because it would raise more revenue? Of course not, it's a ludicrous idea. So why continue college football in such a ridiculous fashion?

Along with every other cognitively intact sports fan in America, my fix is a playoff system. Not any playoff system. A playoff system that incorporates the bowls (for those nostalgic types I referred to earlier). Here's the plan: Using the current BCS ranking system, the top 16 teams make postseason play. These teams are seeded 1-16 without regard to geography (1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, etc.) with no re-seeding for upsets in subsequent rounds. Each game would be a bowl game, thus the bowls would be preserved. The national championship bowl game would rotate annually just as the NFL rotates the Super Bowl site annually. 16 teams, 4 rounds, 15 bowl games, more national interest, more television viewership, more revenue, and lastly and most importantly we arrive at the true national champion.

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